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floral arrangements that won't break your budget

I love planning parties, banquets and gatherings. One of my favorite parts is ordering flowers for the centerpieces and decorations. Your floral arrangements don't have to be extravagant and expensive to look beautiful. I have used several different arrangements that were very affordable for all of my events. This blog will show you several different affordable options for you to consider for your holiday gatherings, birthdays, baby showers, weddings and any other events that you may be working on planning. Your guests will love what you choose, and you will love how everything looks when you get it all put together.


Five Tips For Putting Together Great Gift Baskets

A gift basket is an attractive and easy way to show someone you care. Gift baskets are appropriate for most any occasion, from birthdays to holidays to life events like a death in the family or a graduation. However, how you put your basket together and what you include in the basket can make a big difference in its appreciation. Whether you're creating your own basket or having a florist or other store put it together for you, there are certain things you want to consider to make your basket as spectacular as it can be.

1. Consider the season. A number of basket items are sensitive to heat or cold weather. Chocolates, wine and flowers can all be easily ruined in the heat or the cold. Even a short drive in the car can melt chocolates on a hot day or freeze delicate flowers on a cold one.

2. Think outside of the basket. A gift basket doesn't have to be constructed around a basket. In fact, some of the cutest and most unique gift arrangements use containers other than baskets. Consider a colander for a kitchen basket, a galvanized bucket for a "man" basket or a plastic sand pail for a kids basket.

3. Make it personal. Add at least one item to your gift basket that's unique to the recipient. Does she love purple roses or perhaps white chocolate instead of milk chocolate? Adding such items will let the person who receives the basket know that you spend some time thinking about her or him rather than just picking up the first thing you see at a store.

4. Vary the size of the items. For visual interest, you'll want to include a couple of large items plus a variety of medium and small items in the basket. Varying the shapes and textures of the items will also help your basket look more professional.

5. Be creative with the filler. While most baskets use shredded paper as a filler, there's no rule that you says your can't get creative here and match the fill to your theme. Other good fill options include newspaper, plastic Easter grass, pebbles and even sand.

Creating the perfect gift basket doesn't have to be difficult or stressful. Remember to consider the season, add a personal touch, use a whimsical container and vary the size of the items you include. Those few tips will help to make sure your basket is much appreciated.

For more information and options, talk with stores that offer gift baskets such as specialty stores and florist shops, like Joanna's Florist.