floral arrangements that won't break your budget

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floral arrangements that won't break your budget

I love planning parties, banquets and gatherings. One of my favorite parts is ordering flowers for the centerpieces and decorations. Your floral arrangements don't have to be extravagant and expensive to look beautiful. I have used several different arrangements that were very affordable for all of my events. This blog will show you several different affordable options for you to consider for your holiday gatherings, birthdays, baby showers, weddings and any other events that you may be working on planning. Your guests will love what you choose, and you will love how everything looks when you get it all put together.


Flower Arrangements: Secrets From The Florist

Fresh cut flowers are the ultimate romantic gesture, and are a great way to show someone how much you care. For a florist, this is a lucrative business that can provide people with smiles and really make someone's day. Here is some interesting information about what goes on behind the scenes of your local florist and why you should appreciate it when you choose your next floral arrangement.

Arrangements Are An Art Form

When you select a floral arrangement, a florist creates that beautiful piece of art by hand. Every floral arrangement is made to order at most floral shops, and they have people who know how to make the flowers look their best for every specific occasion. Even if you pick out a flower arrangement from a catalog, someone is there to create it to order and make sure that it looks just like the picture. Crafting beautiful floral arrangements takes talent and skill, and not everyone can put them together properly. Florists only hire the best artisans to make their pieces to ensure that customers get something lovely and also to make sure they get what they pay for.

Holidays Are Tough

When it comes to ordering flowers for your loved one, expect delivery times to be delayed on big holidays like Valentine's Day and Mother's Day. In fact, most florists agree that they see more business on Mother's Day than on February 14th! If you plan to order flowers for these days, be prepared to wait a bit longer for delivery times so you can plan accordingly. Another option is to order your flowers online and have them delivered by mail so you can be sure they get there in time. Local florists have a very busy schedule on these days, so make sure you are available or that the recipient will be there to get them so they don't miss out. 

Where The Flowers Come From

You may wonder how your local florist gets access to so many exotic and beautiful flower choices. Most floral shops source their plants from local greenhouses or private growers. For more exotic plants, they have to get them shipped in from various locations across the country. You may wonder why the cost of flower arrangements is so high. This is because florists don't have easy access to beautiful irises or orchids at their disposal. They have to incur a lot of overhead costs in order to get access to the beautiful, fresh flowers they provide to their customers. The next time you purchase flowers for the one you love, think about the hard work that goes into making them so special.

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